JULY 13 - Building on top of an existing OF project

download project file

The existing OF project I chose to build on was the AudioOutput example. What I wanted to do was use the way sound output was controlled by mouse movement to represent a signature. I drew the signature line and text, then ran into problems trying to draw using MouseDragged. I used an add-on (VectorGraphics), which didn't allow for separate lines, but the end result was basically what I was aiming for.

JULY 20 - Building a creative drawing tool

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In class, we created a drawing tool with lines. I experimented with that and started using rectangles to draw instead. When I chose my background photo (the first one in my pictures folder, so this is sort of by chance), I decided to try to draw with stars. I created the stars using Begin/End shape and was able to get them to repeat all over the screen, but they were connected, which I didn't want. (First attempt.) The next week, we covered classes in class (ha!) and I was able to make them individual stars with random color fills.

JULY 27 - Build a piece of software designed for a specific friend (my turtle) (he loves it)

download project file

Originally, when it wasn't for Moustache, I wanted this to use audio input to draw on the screen with a cluster of x's. The only thing I ended up keeping from that was the ability to control "listening" with the keyboard ('s' to stop, ' ' to play). It got a little out of hand (terrifying mistake), so I reeled it in to just have the turtle surf across the screen on top of the wave to the beat of the music. I ran into about 3 hours of middle-of-the-night problems trying to get the turtle to slightly rotate back and forth to the music, or to also stop moving when the wave stopped, so this is it for now.(Less turtley version here.)